The Mojave Plugin for Eclipse

  • Documentation

  • Short Tutorial
    • Installation slides These slides walk through the steps of installing Mojave and getting started using it.
    • Full Tutorial These slides contain the full Cactus tutorial along with the section on installing Mojave described above.
    • Debugging with SDM These slides describe the process of debugging a Cactus program using the Scalable Debug Manager (SDM).
  • Full Day Tutorial for Mojave/Cactus at TG11
    • Introduction to Cactus Here we present the history of the Cactus Framework, describe awards won, and basic structure of the modules (thorns).
    • Tutorial Environment This section describes how to install Cactus, Eclipse, and Mojave. A brief description of the virtual machine (the CactusOS). Basic Eclipse commands are presented.
    • Thorn Writing Step by step instructions that describe how to refactor standalone codes to make them run under Cactus.
    • Advanced Features A presentation of more advanced topics and some that are under development.
  • Update

      The Mojave Update site. This contains the most recent stable build of Mojave. To add the Mojave Update site to the list of availabe Eclipse update sites, simply copy the link and in Eclipse, paste in the URL box at Help - Install New Software - Add.

  • Eclipse

      An introduction to the Eclipse IDE, the platform used for the Mojave plug-in. Eclipse is an open-source, multiple-platform, extensible IDE written in Java for development in Java, C/C++, Fortran, COBOL, Fortran, and PHP.

    • Photran

        An introduction to Photran, an IDE and code refactoring tool for Fortran development based on Eclipse.

      • Trac

          The Einstein Toolkit is an open-source computational toolkit for numerical relativity consisting of over one-hundred Cactus thorns. The toolkit includes a vacuum spacetime solver (McLachlan), a relativistic hydrodynamics solver (formerly the public version of the Whisky code), along with thorns for initial data, analysis and computational infrastructure.